Hassan Sawaf and his team at Sawaf Ventures is making a commitment to simplify young startups to get going. In addition to financial support in form of investments, we see made it our task to support the companies we are participating in with networking, management, legal support, and business development.


Usually Sawaf Ventures supports capital contributions to be a shareholder, but also loans (regular or convertibles), asset contributions, and different hybrid models and special deals are also possible, depending on the company structure, age and targeted market. Sometimes Sawaf Ventures goes into a new investment with a partner, if this partner gives the new investment a strategic leverage.


Sawaf Ventures has a strong network of legal partners, that can support companies in different stages of maturity and market. We network the new investment with lawyers specialized in: Accounting, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Labor and Employment Law, Real Property Law, Taxation Law. And this both nationally and internationally.


As Sawaf Ventures is held by technologists, we are proud to have a strong network into a wide range of technology partners. Some of these partners can be envisioned to be strategic investors, or they can be high-value strategic partners.